Workout routine: What’s the best time of the day to workout? – Marca English

Workout routine: What’s the best time of the day to workout? – Marca English

Nowadays it can be very complicated to find time to exercise during the day, plus many wonder what is the best time to perform our workout routine.

Combining the workload with social life and moments of rest in many cases leaves little free time to exercise, but it is also necessary to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the time of day we choose for our workout.

Why exercise in the morning? Pros and cons

If we talk about advantages, exercising in the mornings is very beneficial, starting with how you make the most of your time, since you will have done your exercise routine before your day begins, not to mention that you add an important load of endorphins for the whole day.

According to a study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, people who exercise earlier in the day tend to eat less or pay less attention to food during the early hours of the day.

In addition, doing so can increase metabolism, allowing you to continue burning calories during the day as they are consumed, not to mention that it can help with better quality sleep at night.

However, it should be considered that in the mornings you may not perform at your best, as you may be sleepy and tired as a result of the fasting that takes place during the night, which means a lack of nutrients.

Why exercise in the afternoon or evening? Pros and cons

Although exercising in the morning may seem like the best decision, exercising in the afternoon or evening also has multiple benefits.

In addition to allowing you to sleep longer first thing in the morning, an afternoon-evening exercise routine allows you to be more alert, as you don’t have to counteract the fatigue you feel when you wake up.

In the afternoon, the body can be expected to be in peak condition, with improved muscle function and strength, enzyme activity and endurance for performance, especially between 2 and 6 pm, when body temperature rises and it is more optimal to exercise, according to a PubMed Center study.

The kinetics of oxygen consumption is faster at night, allowing those resources to be used more slowly and efficiently than in the morning, while reaction time, a key factor when practicing high-intensity exercises such as HIIT.

Nor should we forget that at night the risk of injury is lower and performance improves, since the heart rate and blood pressure are lower, plus studies have shown that, contrary to the belief that exercise at this time does not benefit sleep, lifting weights helps you sleep better.

The verdict is…

Whether in the morning or in the afternoon-evening, exercising at some time of the day is necessary to improve health and the important thing is not to find the best time to take advantage of the benefits it represents, but to find the time when each person feels best to do their exercise routine.

In any case, it is more important to find the time when each person can exercise and do it consistently, which helps to achieve better results, which is what everyone is looking for through exercise.

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