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As we approach 2023, many of us are thinking about what we want to leave behind in 2022 and the changes we want to make ( vision board , anyone? ) in the new year .

If fitness is your focus, you’re likely looking up different classes to join and exercises to incorporate into your routine. One associated with the most effective is push-pull workouts, which are designed to help you continuously get stronger as time goes on—a major perk for those who struggle with hitting fitness goal plateaus.

What is a Push-Pull Workout?

A push-pull workout means you work two muscle groups that perform similar body mechanics but in 2 different exercises. Quite simply, a person train one part of the body on different days, Whitney Berger , personal trainer, certified yoga instructor and founder of WhitFit NYC, explains.

For example , workouts you would do on a push day are ones that will use push-out movements. On a push day, you would work the chest, triceps and front delts. On a pull day, the particular exercises are usually pull-related movements, which work the back, biceps plus rear delts.

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“A pushing exercise is any movement that pushes the resistance away from the body or the ground and involves the extensor muscles such as pectoralis major, triceps, quadriceps and gluteus, to name a few, ” says Eddie Baruta , a trainer at Ultimate Performance.

These exercises include dips, barbell presses and dumbbell presses (from decline in order to standing shoulder press), squats and split squats (which also incorporate different types of lunges, a more dynamic form of split squats).

From a functionality standpoint, these are workouts that help with standing up, maintaining the good posture, walking, running , playing sports, lifting objects off the ground and placing them overhead, Baruta adds.

“By contrast, a draw exercise will be a movement that pulls the level of resistance towards the body system and away from the ground. Some of these muscles include the latissimus dorsi, the elbow flexors, hamstrings, quads and spinal erectors—the last two being involved somewhat equally within the deadlifts and squats, ” says Baruta.

The few examples incorporate pull-ups, pulldowns, rows and various forms associated with deadlifts. The benefits are similar to the push muscles, in the sense that all the muscles are included in the particular day-to-day activities and they need to function synergistically (concentrically or eccentrically) for proper overall function, Baruta states.

The Benefits of Push-Pull Workouts

First and maybe the majority of important, push-pull workouts are both simple and effective.

“It’s simple to design a structured workout plan. It is highly effective because it works for almost all muscles, plus muscles that overlap 1 another. In case building muscle is what you want, this is for you, ” says Berger.

Second, these exercises are the best way to build strong, healthy, pain-free shoulders.

“Most of our daily activities and repetitive motions exist in the ‘push’ range of motion, ” says Kevin Snodgrass , Head Trainer for Vivo. “Things like working at a desk, driving, texting and sitting on a couch all engage the anterior muscles associated with the shoulder and chest—the ‘push’ muscle tissue. These can become tight, immobile and overactive, resulting in muscle imbalances plus shoulder pain or dysfunction. Incorporating push-pull exercises helps to increase mobility, decrease stiffness and discomfort, and build strength evenly. ”

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How to Incorporate Push Pull Workouts into Your Routine

A simple way to add push-pull exercises is with the Superset format: Two exercises performed back-to-back without rest. The goal is to target the opposite or even antagonist muscle mass group, Snodgrass explains.

Examples of a push-pull superset

  • Pushups, then band back rows
  • Overhead press, then lat pulldowns 
  • Bicep curls, then tricep extensions
  • Side Raises, then back again flyes

Perform 8-10 repetitions of each exercise with regard to 3-5 sets.  

Another  other option is in order to alternate days, Berger describes.   Exercise examples regarding push day time include:

  • Bench push
  • Overhead press
  • Incline clod press
  • Tricep dips
  • Decline bench push

Exercise examples intended for pull time include:

  • Deadlifts
  • Bent over series
  • Lat pulldown
  • Bicep curls
  • Draw up
  • Cable rows

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