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The Exercise

Though your fitness goals may vary, it’s recommended by most coaches that you incorporate at least one threshold workout–like the 1 below–into your own weekly training schedule. Start this one with a 1-2 mile warmup run.

  • For athletes training for a 5k: Run 4 x 5 minutes in threshold speed with 90 seconds jog in among each.
  • For sportsmen training for a 10k: Run 4 x 8 minutes at threshold pace along with 90 seconds jog in between each.
  • With regard to runners practicing a half marathon: Run 4 x 10 moments at tolerance pace with 90 mere seconds jog in between every.
  • Regarding runners working out for a marathon: Run 3 x 15 minutes at threshold pace along with 90 secs jog in between each.

Cool down 1-2 miles depending on your target mileage.

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Amber Sayer will be a fitness, nutrition, plus wellness writer and editor, and contributes to several health and fitness, health, and running publications. She holds two master’s degrees—one within exercise science and a single in prosthetics and orthotics. As a NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer plus USATF level 1 running coach with regard to 12 years, Amber enjoys staying active and helping others do so as well.  

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