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Looking to run a little quicker? Or maybe you just want to work on your cardio fitness? Either goal doesn’t require slogging it out on a treadmill for hours at a time.

Dr Folusha Oluwajana (opens in new tab) is a level 3 personal trainer and practising NHS GP, who’s helped out Coach readers before with a selection of knee-strengthening exercises. Now, Oluwajana has created an exclusive treadmill interval workout that’s aimed at increasing your speed and endurance and takes just 15 minutes.

“Whether you’re training to improve your 5K time or just to improve your fitness, this workout is for you. This type of training will help you maintain a higher work rate for longer by improving your body’s ability to clear lactate from the blood during exercise,” explains Oluwajana.

Lactate is made when there isn’t enough oxygen available during intense exercise to break down glucose into energy. Your body then converts the lactate into energy without the need for oxygen.

For a different kind of session, try one of these treadmill workouts, or follow this treadmill workout plan to include different types of run in your training.

Treadmill Interval Workout

This treadmill workout consists of six two-minute blocks, with each block cycling through three paces: jogging, running and sprinting pace. Each time you do the workout, say twice a week, aim to increase the pace of each.

Begin with a one minute warm-up, walking at a brisk pace and pumping your arms.

Then complete the below jog-run-sprint combination six times. Struggling? After three blocks, take a two-minute walking rest, then go on to complete the next three rounds. 

1 Jog

Time 60sec

Run at a speed when you can maintain a conversation. 

2 Run

Time 30sec

Run at a challenging pace, but hold something back for the sprint coming next. 

3 Sprint 

Time 30sec

This pace should be all-out: core engaged, arms pumping, high knee-drive and breathing fast. You should feel spent by the end of the sprint and desperate to recover with a jog.

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