This 10-Minute Upper-Body Strength Workout Is an Arm, Chest, and Back Day All in One – POPSUGAR

Join fitness trainer and world-champion track athlete Jasmine Blocker for a 10-minute upper-body strength workout joined by Paris Nicole and A. J. Morales . In this routine, you’ll start with a quick warmup to get your body prepared for the work ahead. Then you’ll power through hammer curls, weighted punches, dumbbell rows, renegade rows, and so much more. Be ready in order to activate your own whole upper body in just 10 minutes. All you need is a pair of light- to medium-weight dumbbells. (Check out this guide on choosing the right weight if you’re unsure. )

Blocker is a Team USA plus world-champion track athlete, mental health advocate, and personal instructor with a passion for helping people strengthen their minds and bodies. As a trainer, she designs sustainable strength workouts to fit busy lifestyles.

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Blocker’s outfit and shoes: Lululemon

Nicole’s outfit: Athleta // Shoes: APL

Morales’s top: Four Laps // Pants: Jolyn // Shoes: APL

Image Source: POPSUGAR Video

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