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The trainers you use to run are one of the biggest factors in your performance, and when it’s time to replace them, it’s best not to put it off. On average, you get around 400 to 500 miles out of your running shoes , according to biomechanist Martyn Shorten. And when you’re reaching maximum mileage, it can time for you to buy a new pair (via Runner’s World ).

It’s important to not wear out your own old shoes before buying new ones —  while it might sound counterintuitive, you shouldn’t be wearing your brand-new sneakers exclusively straight away. “I wouldn’t recommend throwing out your own old pair and immediately jumping into your new pair, ” Shorten says, because your feet need time to slowly adjust to the particular feeling of the new shoe. Instead, when you have your brand new pair, continue running in your own old shoes or boots, but swap within your new ones with increasing frequency, over several weeks.  

In your new shoes and boots, avoid tackling any especially long runs —  shorter distances will give your feet the chance to obtain familiar along with the feel of it. Patience is key, and by alternating shoes for a while, you’re prolonging the life of your brand new ones, too!

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