Silver Stars Fitness: No More Falls! – West Side Rag –

Silver Stars Fitness: No More Falls! – West Side Rag –

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Did you know that one in three adults ages 65 and older falls at least once, suffering from a wrist, knee, hip or shoulder injury? And at any age poor balance can cause falls. Poor balance also affects confidence and quality of life.

At Silver Stars, in addition to helping you lose weight, get stronger, and improve your cardio endurance, we offer Fit for Life balance and fall prevention classes that can help you prevent a fall.

The keys to improving balance and decreasing the risk of a fall is to focus on performing static and dynamic balance exercises on a regular basis, to strengthen the muscles of the feet, ankles, hips, buttocks, abdomen, and lower back.

Other key things to focus on are your ability to react and catch yourself before you fall, proper posture, and gait mechanics, and, of course, flexibility of your ankles and hips.

The Silver Stars Fit For Life balance program will also teach you to get comfortable with going down and getting up from the floor.

Whether you want to improve your balance for life or for a sport, the Silver Stars Fit for Life balance program can help!

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