Russell Wilson Reveals Plan for Broncos Before Training Camp – Yardbarker

Russell Wilson Reveals Plan for Broncos Before Training Camp – Yardbarker

Keeping the focus firmly on football has not been much of a problem for the Denver Broncos ever since new superstar quarterback Russell Wilson started setting an entirely different tone.

Wilson’s March passing camp for his teammates in San Diego was well attended and extremely professional in its core organization. Such a swift change of attitude and expectation has seen the bar of studious preparation raised considerably, and many fans could argue it’s long overdue.

Subsequent offseason practices have been similarly well attended, and both the coaching staff and players have dialed into even more positive energy. Keeping that ball rolling until training camp kicks off on July 27 means the holy grails of self-discipline and personal motivation will become even more important.

While football will remain on the mind of Wilson and his teammates, the nine-time Pro Bowler understands how important it is to take five, which should allow the body and mind to enjoy a required reset.

“I think it’s really critical just to get away, clear your mind, because we’re about to go on a 21-week journey, hopefully, maybe a 22-week journey however many weeks it is with 17 [games],” Wilson said earlier this week. “That’s the goal, so you have to rest your mind for a second, come back, spend time with your family.”

Finding the right work-life balance is one of Wilson’s core strengths and focusing in on family time can never really be a bad way of keeping everyone’s feet on the ground. Fans tend to forget the distinct family pressures which come with an occupation where traveling great distances and relocating every so often just becomes part of the job description.

True to form, Wilson is keen for his teammates to enjoy their crucial decompression time away from the practice fields and team meeting rooms. But, he was still keeping one eye on getting back to the business of football, particularly when he touched on a basic plan they were forming for a get-together or two before camp begins, to keep the proverbial pot on a rolling boil.

“I know a lot of guys have been away from their kids or this and that,” Wilson said. “So that’s really important to have that, to hit the refresh button. We’ll go back to work super quickly. I think we’ll catch up probably mid-July and right before, couple of weeks before, and go after it.”

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