Resuming Fitness Routines Get Tough After Pandemic – Nature World News

Resuming Fitness Routines Get Tough After Pandemic – Nature World News

A new study claims that the pandemic is to blame for three out of every four Americans who have recently been injured in an attempt to get back to the fitness routine they had before the pandemic started.

During the pandemic, nearly 7 out of 10 adults in the United States abandoned their fitness routines, according to a study of 2,000 adults. While 88% of people were determined to get back into shape before the pandemic, getting back into shape has proven to be far more difficult than anticipated.

Over half of those surveyed (56%) blamed a previous injury for their inability to return to their favorite physical activities, while 41% blamed the pandemic.

Post-Pandemic Challenges

Exercise routines were impacted by setbacks such as wearing masks during workouts (60 %), catching COVID-19 (58 %), and changing the types of exercises they would need to do (57 %).
Four out of five people have recently injured themselves while training, according to a study conducted by OnePoll in collaboration with CURAD, which only adds to their workout woes.

According to the survey, 64% said they returned to their routine too quickly after being sedentary for too long; 56% said they returned to competitive sports activities too quickly, and 45% said they pulled a muscle or moved too quickly.

Overall, 85% of respondents said their injuries had prevented them from getting back in shape, with 92% taking their injuries into account when working out and 90% altering their routines to accommodate.

Nearly half (46%) believe their injuries will affect their physical performance in the future.

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Easing Back into Shape

NCAA team physician and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Gloria Beim pointed out the importance of easing back into old workout routines, especially for those who have been out for a while, Newsweek reports.

The doctor explained that jumping back into an abandoned or paused routine too quickly can put a person at risk of pulling muscles or even getting more serious injuries.

Four out of five (83%) respondents said their goal for this year is to return to their “peak performance days,” which are thought to be when they are at their best, around the age of 28.

Knees (37%), hands or feet (36 percent), torn muscles (36%), and ankles (36%) were among the most common injuries reported by respondents (35%).

The study also revealed that it takes the average person about 10 weeks to recover from their injuries, however, many are not keen on waiting that long.

Some employ “life hacks” or tricks that they have used to speed up the healing process and rehabilitation from injury. This includes using therapy oils (43%), orthopedic braces (42%), and some use foam rollers (41%).

Beim added that when exercising, people should give their body a chance to build up its endurance and muscle memory.

She also suggested using the proper fitness gear, including supports, wraps, kinesiology tape, bandages, and cooling sprays, explaining that these can also help a person that has paused their fitness routine to get back into the game.

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