Our training plan to get you right up to speed for the Great Dublin Bike Ride – Independent.ie

Our training plan to get you right up to speed for the Great Dublin Bike Ride – Independent.ie

With the Great Dublin Bike Ride just over three months away, we’ve asked Jamie Blanchfield of Premier Endurance coaching to come up with a training plan to get you ready for the September sportive.

amie has designed this 12-week plan for those who are new to cycling or have been off the bike for a while and are targeting the 60km route of the Great Dublin Bike Ride.

It is suitable for those with limited experience on the bike who would like to be ready to cover this distance in 12 weeks. For those taking on shorter or longer challenges the plan can also work but you may need to adjust the time of the sessions up or down.

You’ll notice we opted for duration rather than distance targets for a lot of our work here; that is because time will remain constant even when you’re facing that headwind!

You can also do these sessions indoors on a spin bike. You will see a “distance trial” on select weekends, please try and make this as specific to your event day, so, what will you eat for breakfast? What will you drink on the bike? What kit will you wear? Try and replicate all of this. Ensure you listen to your body; if tired take an extra easy day. Lastly, enjoy it and have fun!

Premier Endurance:
Premier Endurance is an endurance sport service provider, offering individualised coaching, testing and nutrition advice among other such services to cyclists, triathletes and runners in order for them to achieve their goals.

Jamie is a qualified performance coach, Cycling Ireland coach and owner of Premier Endurance. If you would like to learn more about what we do at Premier Endurance, please visit www.premierendurance.ie

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