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The gender exercise gap is a real – and concerning – thing. But while a lot of women have to sacrifice regular workouts due to caring responsibilities, new research by The Gym Group has found that ‘Gymtimidation’ is stopping many women from finding and doing a sport or activity that they love.

The Fitness center Group’s OnePoll survey was taken by 3000 UK non-gym going adults aged 18-60, and the findings revealed that reasons for not gymming are myriad.

The stats says 1 in 3 Brits (33%) fear feeling out of place in the gym and over half of ladies (53%) are usually put off signing up due to the particular pressure they feel in order to wear lycra whilst working out. A similar number (52%) answered that will they would wear make up to the fitness center to work out. Nearly 1 in 3 females (32%) described ‘intimidation within the gym’ as the biggest barrier to joining.

The particular research revealed that nearly fifty percent (43%) would be self conscious of their stomachs in the gym and over a quarter felt too unfit to consider signing up for a membership.

Other findings from the survey highlighted that nearly 1 / 4 of respondents said not knowing where to start during a workout session put them off, with 29% being made to feel uncomfortable for not knowing how in order to use the particular machines.

Master Trainer Jenny Tardiff from The Gym Group has shared her top tips for beating Gymtimidation:

  1. Find a quiet area of the gym at first and get comfortable
  2. Take a deep breath, own your workout and get comfortable taking up space!
  3. Work with your trainers and fitness center staff on a training plan which feels challenging but also realistic. Consistency is key when building a gym routine!
  4. Join the group exercise class, consider a training buddy when exercising and don’t be afraid to say hello to others on typically the floor. We’re in it together plus fitness can unite us all.
  5. Listen to be able to your favourite music for you to keep motivation high!

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