New dad lost whopping 4st in 5 months by making food ‘taste like a treat’ – how he did it — Express

After tipping the scales at 16. 5 stone and not recognising himself in the mirror, Tim McGibbon decided it was finally time to take action and make his health a priority. He had originally gained weight when his daughter was born during lockdown but through hard work and determination, he has since “freed himself from the rut” he found himself within and been crowned an European champion in bodybuilding.

And throughout the process, he lost a whopping four stone in five months.

Like millions across the UK, Tim was left unable to train when Covid hit and the numerous lockdowns commenced.

This individual revealed: “I became really lazy with my food and that’s when the particular tiredness set in.

“I was left feeling unhappy. I knew I had got myself into a bad position wellness and fitness wise and needed to get back on track ASAP. ”

With a good interest in bodybuilding, Tim had competed in 2019 and used this as his motivation to get back in shape and on stage.

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He added: “Whenever I fancy the snack, We eat some porridge oats covered in their low-sugar maple flavoured syrup. ”

With his weight-loss journey well underway and their diet plus training on-point, he felt more motivated than ever before.

He or she implemented a training plan that he was determined to stick to.

“I train five to six times a week incorporating mainly weight training along with a bit of cardio through prep, ” this individual explained.

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“Walking has also massively helped this year, and I aim in order to hit 15k of steps most days.

“The Skinny Food Co really helped with my fitness regime and goals, as it allowed me to enjoy the diet plans with ease so I could strike my targets. ”

Following his weight loss success, Bernard now has a passion to help others.

“My biggest piece of advice is to create the plan and stick to it : you have to believe in yourself, ” he or she said.

“It doesn’t matter if you lose 1lb or 10lb, progress is progress no matter how small.

“Take photos of your weekly progress so that you can see your body changing even when the scales aren’t – progress is easier to document when you’re tracking this with your own eyes. ”

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