Marching Health’s ‘Couch to Corps’ Workout Plan Launches Oct. 31 on Flo! – FloMarching

This summer, FloMarching subscribers got exclusive content, workouts, and health guides from Marching Health – the worldwide leader in marching arts wellness and wellness. Now that we’re gearing up for drum corps audition season, Walking in line Health has partnered with FloMarching once again to deliver to our users the Couch to Corps workout plan. The first workout in the six-week series will drop upon the FloMarching website on Monday, October 31st.

The Couch to Corps Workout . is designed to prepare you to go through being a couch potato to looking like a drum corps veteran. This is a body-weight program and requires no equipment, and is designed to be completed three days a week with one or two rest times in between each workout. The particular workouts are total-body, meaning you will work most major muscle groups required for walking in line each time you function out.

New workouts will be released every week on FloMarching, so be sure to subscribe today and keep checking back in upon FloMarching for more exclusive content.

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