ITV Love Island fans work out Jay’s plan to ‘swoop’ on another islander after ‘red flag’ behaviour – Manchester Evening News

ITV Love Island fans work out Jay’s plan to ‘swoop’ on another islander after ‘red flag’ behaviour – Manchester Evening News

Love Island fans think Jay Younger has a plan to ‘swoop’ and couple up with another islander despite being coupled with Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu. There was drama in the villa on Monday night (June 20) for more reasons than one.

Ekin-Su ended up confronting Amber Beckford after viewers of the ITV2 dating show questioned if there was ‘beef’ between the pair. It come after the Turkish actress, 27, spoke to Jay, 28, about her bond with the other girls in the villa.

It is then when Jay told her: “I won’t lie, I am sensing a bit of friction between you and Amber, I can just sense it.” With his words ringing in her ears, Ekin-Su headed for a chat with Amber, 24, telling her: “I was sitting there and he [Jay] was like, I think Amber and Paige don’t like you.”

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Amber was completely honest with her fellow contestant, telling her that while having seen a ‘vulnerable’ and ‘genuine’ side to her, she’s recently questioning whether Ekin-Su is ‘playing a game.’ Clearly unimpressed by the remark, the actress replied: “What’s your actual issue with me? All you’re saying doesn’t make sense.”

Amber replied: “You’re playing a bit of a game, enjoying the drama”. And Ekin-Su questioned: “Am I playing a game or are you playing a game?” Things then escalated as Ekin-Su exploded: “You’re trying to create s**t right now. It’s p***ing the f*** out of me.” But Amber insisted: ‘I’m being genuine. You’re allowed to feel p****ed off.”

The other girls then got involved with Gemma Owen calling Ekin-Su calculated before she ended up in tears. With tensions simmering, it was time for bed and it wasn’t until the next day that Amber and Ekin-Su cleared the air and appeared back on good terms.

Ekin-Su confronted Amber after Jay’s comment

Meanwhile, the following morning, Jacques O’Neill, 23, teased that Jay had “caused so much s***” by talking to Ekin-Su – with Jay suggesting in response that he hadn’t wanted any drama. Investment analyst Jay further commented: “I don’t want any more f***ing drama.” Jacques said that he had picked the wrong girl then, to which he responded: “I know mate.”

And now Love Island fans think Jay may have an ulterior motive for stirring the pot – particularly as he encoruaged Dami Hope to make he new found feelings for Inidyah Polack. @ihelpcp1 said: “Also Jay encouraging dami to go for indiayh so he can swoop in and take amber #LoveIsland.”

@TallPaul90 tweeted: “Jay knows Ekin is drama that’s why he’s trying to get Indiyah and Dami to link up so he can swoop in on her #LoveIsland.” @rebecca_aduke shared: “Anyway *clears throat* JAY DID ALL THIS BECAUSE HE WANTS TO DROP EKIN FOR AMBER #LoveIsland.”

The girls did clear the air

@Mooreofzee wrote: “Jay wants amber. This guy is setting all this up to benefit himself #LoveIsland.” But others think it is the other way round. @benitaaldn said: “Amber wants Jay it’s sooo obvious she needs to just speak with her chest #LoveIsland.”

@Realitea_TvJunk commented: “Amber wants Jay, that’s what the beef is #LoveIsland.” @YANAKX argued: “Amber wants jay so bad she’s taking her anger out on ekin su. with gemma’s regina george spirit backing it. #loveisland.”

However, fans were quick to call Jay out over what they described as a ‘red flag’. @lowxrd tweeted: “Jay telling her the girls don’t like her is a red flag. Sorry #loveisland.” @SarinaKiayani echoed: “Seeing red flag behaviour with Jay isolating Ekin-Su from the girls and telling her that they don’t like her #loveisland.”

@v_oliviaaaa commented: “So, uh, is that not a red flag for jay…i don’t get why he said that to ekinsu when he barely knows paige or amber… #LoveIsland.”


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