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Key Takeaways

  • The viral 12-3-30 workout involves walking on the treadmill at an incline of 12 and speed of 3 for 30 minutes.
  • Walking on an incline can offer aerobic benefits and add variety to a fitness routine.
  • The steep slope presents a risk for lower extremity injuries.

I’ve been a runner for as long as We can remember, but after completing the particular NYC marathon last November, I’ve already been looking with regard to a way to break up my fitness routine.

Crossing the finish line in Central Park was the life goal of mine, but the training took a mental toll. Running started feeling like a chore instead of a release. With the marathon behind me, I actually looked regarding other ways in order to move the body—including barre and trampoline workouts—so when my editor asked if I wanted to try out the new TikTok 12-3-30 exercise, I jumped at the particular opportunity.

Lauren Giraldo , the TikTok influencer behind the particular 12-3-30 trend, first posted about it on YouTube within 2019 and on TikTok a year later . She said this workout has helped her lose 30 pounds without dieting or counting calories. Now, Giraldo even hosts in-person “hot girl walks” with a community of people who want to stay fit by walking.

If you, like me, are new to this workout, here are the basics:

  • Set the treadmill to an incline of twelve
  • Put the velocity on a few
  • Walk for 30 minutes

That’s it. Giraldo recommends doing this particular straightforward exercise “as many times as you can a week” but stated she aims for about five times a week—so that became my goal, too.

Walking in a Steep Incline Isn’t Exactly Easy

Walking, such as other forms of physical activity, offers tons associated with health benefits . It can help reduce stress plus lower the risk of developing chronic disease. And walking upon an incline—without increasing your speed—can help you meet the recommendation associated with 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity each week.

I’m a morning workout person, so I decided to do 12-3-30 before breakfast. My apartment building has a gym, so I got ready on a Sunday morning and went downstairs for the first day of our new program.

Right away the incline felt steeper than I expected. The usual running route is very flat, so an incline of 12 was noticeable.

Once I obtained going, We wasn’t out of breath, but my heart rate was elevated. I actually read a book on the Kindle app, which made it feel more relaxing than any other workout I am used to.

The particular next early morning, I returned to the particular gym and my trusty treadmill. However, on day time three, I actually started to notice some lower back pain.  

Christopher J. Lundstrom, PhD , the professor in sports plus exercise science at the University of Minnesota, told me that he has some concerns over the incline. “12% is pretty substantial, ” he mentioned.

He said that strolling at this incline can put a lot associated with stress on the reduce limbs and it’s not a workout he would recommend doing every day.

Being the stubborn athlete, I wasn’t going to let some minor discomfort keep me from finishing my workout plan. I hopped on the treadmill machine for that next two days in order to finish our 12-3-30 challenge.

But even as I’m writing this now, I may feel a nagging pain in my reduced back.  

“Starting at a lower slope and shorter increments, plus building up from there might be the safer way and healthier way to implement this, ” Lundstrom said.

The Outcome

I was eager in order to try 12-3-30 to get away of my running rut, but doing this five days a week was as well much for me.  

“With any kind of fitness trend, the message that this one thing is all a person have to do, and that’s going in order to change everything for you, will be always a bit of a red flag, ” Lundstrom said.

Trying this workout was a good reminder that will I need to listen to both the mind and my body whenever it comes to our workouts. Training for the convention left me personally craving a balanced fitness schedule so jumping into a five-day-a-week home treadmill workout doesn’t feel right.  

Doing 12-3-30 the particular same time as another workout probably isn’t the best idea for myself either. I did the 30-minute rowing workout upon day 1 and a 4-mile run on day 3, which could have added to the back pain.

While this won’t become the go-to intended for me, mixing in a 12-3-30 workout once a week could offer some much-needed variety. This challenge was a good reminder that I can find different ways to move my body when I need in order to shake upward my operating routine.

The Final Verdict

Variety in your health and fitness routine is usually key. Performing any repetitive workout five days a week is mentally plus physically taxing. When I’m not coaching for the race, I want to mix up my workouts and maybe that means adding in a 12-3-30 workout every now and then.

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