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With the summer in full swing, you may be wanting to start building healthy habits such as working out. As a beginner, though, exercising can be exhausting and difficult to maintain the consistent schedule. Here are some of the Daily Clog’s best tips to help you start your exercise routine.  

Don’t be afraid in order to start 

When first deciding to start exercising, your mind may flood with tons of excuses not to begin. They could be wanting to wait for the cute gym outfit you bought to arrive or the gloomy weather taking away your motivation. Ultimately although, these small excuses could also be known as stalling. Perhaps the truth could become that you don’t know where to begin. That’s OK too. Once you start working out, even though, you are usually one step closer to becoming more comfortable in your new workout space. Don’t be afraid to take that first step!

Plan a specific time every day or even week to exercise

As college students, the thing that may be prohibiting us is time. Look at your own schedule and try to block out a time that will works for you to exercise. If your schedule is a little bit too packed, you could even try to schedule little workout sessions. Perhaps in the mornings or every other day. If you are still new in order to exercising make sure to not overexert yourself by working out for 30 minutes in order to an hour a day. By having this time set in your routine, you’re more likely to remain consistent.  

Exercise with a friend

When it comes to building a workout routine, working out with a friend will be a really good way to keep yourself motivated and accountable. Find a friend which you feel comfy with plus invite them to the gym so you feel less lonely. It can end up being extra useful to find a gym partner that knows the ins and outs of exercising, too. Conquering gym intimidation in two is better than just one.  

Be creative with your workout routine

Working out doesn’t always mean you have to head out to the Recreational Sports Facility. You can make working away more fun if you plan things that are more creative than just your regular program. Instead of doing cardio on a treadmill, set up the hike along with friends with regard to the weekend. There are many different ways you can work out, such as playing a sport, going on daily walks or even a summer favorite like swimming!  

Be kind to yourself

If you set really high expectations regarding yourself and you don’t meet them, it’s easy in order to put your self down. Do not beat yourself up when it comes to your current fitness level, endurance or body. All this will do is make you much less motivated to work out there. Everyone works out at their own pace. The person running 10 mph on the particular treadmill next to a person has probably been exercising for months to get to that pace. You should be proud of your self for even going to the gym because that will in itself takes a lot of effort.  

With these tips, you are usually sure to begin building a workout routine that will be rewarding and fun. Remember that working out should be done in moderation — just like everything else. Here’s to being happy and healthy!  

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