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Running a marathon requires high endurance, fitness, and months of proper training. Most running apps can help you get your daily dose of cardio and keep you fit. However , performance improvements require professional training. The Sixth is v. O2 app can effectively help you level up for competitive long-distance runs.

Irrespective of your running level, having a customized training regime is helpful. That improves your performance at a pace more comfortable for you. V. O2 offers an automated AI trainer and the option to train with your personal coach on the application. Let’s look at how you can use it to get better in long-distance operating.

What Is Sixth is v. O2?

V. O2 is a convention training app used by coaches and athletes. It goes beyond the functionalities of a basic running application. The app pulls data from your health and fitness trackers (if any) plus your phone. Using that data, this calculates detailed statistics about your run.

It provides almost an Olympic-style coaching experience with regard to all runners. Moreover, the particular app is based on the teaching principles associated with Dr . Jack Daniels, who was named “The World’s Best Coach” simply by Runner’s World magazine .

Sixth is v. O2 primarily works on adaptive education. That means that will it modifies your instruction plan based on your overall performance. Temperature, altitude, pacing, physical fitness level, and several other factors help determine the most optimum training plan.

Download: V. O2 for Android | iOS (Subscription required, free trial available)

Calculating Your VDOT

First, you need to conduct a VDOT test before you can begin using V. O2. VDOT is a good abbreviation regarding the standardized VO2max metric. VO2max will be how much oxygen a person can consume while working. This metric is best measured in a lab through the treadmill check. Due to its impractical nature, Dr. Daniels designed the VDOT calculator instead. VDOT uses your previous race time to estimate your exercising paces.

Your VDOT value can also assist you to figure out your running capacity intended for different types of marathons. That’s why this is such an useful metric. You only need two values in order to calculate your VDOT – race type and period. On entering those 2 parameters, you will get a VDOT value and a level stating how good or bad it is. Based on this value, the adaptive instructor will create a training strategy.

The Adaptive Trainer

You can begin your free 14-day trial with the particular adaptive coach right away. Alternatively, you can buy a personalized schooling plan developed by the coach. Next, select your own goals and preferences. That will help the fitness instructor create sessions that match your targets. If you’re preparing for an upcoming race, you can add that too.

Once you’ve added all your training preferences, your weekly operating schedule will show around the dashboard. After a scheduled workout, data such as your current VDOT, working pace, average heart rate, elevation, and more will certainly show within the stats section. Be sure to regularly check the stats, as it offers an extensive breakdown of your efficiency.

Apart from the coaching plan created by the app, you also have the option to add custom sessions. One such option is Cross Training . In addition to running, you can include swimming, cycling, yoga, rowing, strength training, and a lot more in your workout schedule.

The Paces tab is a great resource for runners of all levels. Paces help joggers measure their speed plus mileage; This tab contains pace timings per mile/km. Based upon your current VDOT, it even displays the particular equivalent functionality types for different runs—such as 15km, 3km, 10km, and much more. Therefore, by analyzing paces, you may accurately check where you stand.

How to Get Better Results

Improving performance is a gradual process. Ample rest, nutrition, and many other aspects can help fast-track your growth. Nevertheless , to get the most out of Sixth is v. O2, here’s what you can do.

1 . Sync with Fitness Apps

You can connect three fitness apps with V. UNITED KINGDOM – Garmin, Strava, and Coros. If you’re considering buying one, such because the Garmin Sports Watch , you can sync your own GPS exercise data in order to V. T-MOBILE.

Through these health and fitness apps, you can get information regarding your operating distance, time, pace, typical heartrate, track elevation, plus loads of other health information. Accurate data will eventually help better optimize your training. If you’re preparing for a race, every second counts.

2 . Customize Your own Training Days

For lower VDOTs the particular app does not allow more than three consecutive training days in the week. As a beginner, make sure to add a rest day in between every teaching day. Quality sessions can help a person warm up before going on a run. This is crucial to avoid injuries and recover.

Cross-training sessions are also quite useful. They can help keep track of a variety of workout routines. Apart from running, you are able to choose in order to include going swimming, weight training, and yoga in your regime.

3. Participate in the VDOT Challenge

The VDOT challenge is one of the best features of the application. Although optional, it serves as a powerful motivation tool. The VDOT challenge is usually a virtual race series organized every two weeks in 3-day blocks. The particular good thing about this particular challenge is that regardless associated with the distance, everyone runs in the same race.

To qualify for a race, the results must have GPS information synced through the Garmin or Strava fitness applications. Some working apps, such as the Zombies, use gamification to keep runners engaged. V. O2, on the particular other hand, gives out prizes from the competition sponsors to the best-performing athletes. After every challenge, results are published on the app.

Therefore, virtual racing is a great way in order to compete with people from around the world and constantly improve your performance. Few running apps make training since competitive plus provide as many incentives as this one.

4. Jack port Daniel’s Training Videos

Dr. Jack Daniel is really a world-class operating coach who pioneered the VDOT metric and several training principles. The application provides a library of Doctor. Daniel’s videos explaining the particular different types of paces, their own purpose, and how to get much better at them.

Lastly, the more you interact and provide feedback, the better your own training sessions will be. Because you get better, you may manually update your education preferences.

Is V. O2 to get You?

Should you be a casual runner along with a non-competitive goal, any free working app on the market will suffice. V. O2 is designed for overall performance improvement and race instruction.

Its pace calculator, VDOT calculator, plus challenges are usually powerful tools that help you constantly push yourself and improve over time. The app sends you reminders upon training times and has comprehensive performance tracking. The adaptive trainer is definitely one of the greatest automated running trainers.

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