HBKU Executive Education Centre concludes leadership training for charity regulator – The Peninsula

HBKU Executive Education Centre concludes leadership training for charity regulator – The Peninsula

Participants during a session of Leadership Empowerment Program.

Doha: The Executive Education Centre (EEC), part of Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU), has concluded its Leadership Empowerment Program with the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities (RACA). 

The fifth and final module, focusing on ‘Continuous Institutional Development’, was delivered at HBKU from June 14-15. Mohammed Hassan Al Jefairi, award-winning Qatari inventor, entrepreneur, business trainer, and prolific author on leadership and technology, shared his experience and leadership insights with participants from various charitable organisations.

The objective of the module was to strengthen functional capabilities and the ability to analyse factors affecting decision-making, while highlighting the importance of mentoring. The session explored the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), gap analysis and training needs, and the importance of mentoring.

To mark the successful conclusion of the Leadership Empowerment Program, which ran over the past six months, participants were awarded an Executive Leadership Certificate from the EEC. Aimed at supporting the administrative and leadership skills of RACA executives, the program aligned with the requirements of RACA’s Human Competencies Framework. 

Five specialised courses covered Analytical Thinking, Planning and Organising, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Creativity and Innovation. In keeping with the EEC’s aim to balance academic quality, professional relevance, and real-life experience, the modules had a theoretical, conceptual, and applied practical aspect. 

Aphrodite Hammad, Executive Director, EEC, said,  “Our successful cooperation with RACA on such a tailored program aligns with the EEC’s aim to address challenges posed to executives in a fast-paced continuously evolving world through our high-quality, future-oriented training. The training programme focused on enabling RACA executives to reach their full leadership potential by combining their technical skills with analytical thinking, strategic planning, and other competencies. These skills will positively reflect in their performance in delivering on the mandate of their institutions.”

The EEC is an integral part of HBKU’s aim to develop a life-long learning approach and culture and provides highly specialised training programmes that address topics of relevance to the country’s industries, economy, and policies. 

For more information on its work, please visit https://www.hbku.edu.qa/en/eec

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