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If you’re considering getting stuck into the world of triathlons then you probably want to start with the Top Sprint distance. Widely considered the entry-level event in this popular endurance sport, the Nice Sprint is a great opportunity to experience all three disciplines back-to-back (that’s running, swimming and cycling).

If you’re a novice triathlete with their eyes set on this speedy distance then it’s time to get on a Super Sprint Triathlon training plan and start working towards your goal.

A Super Sprint triathlon consists of a 400 metre swim, a 10 kilometre bike ride and finishes with a 2. 5 km run. Due to the short go swimming distance, Extremely Sprint triathlons often utilise indoor going swimming pools, however it is possible to find them along with an open water swim.

Although these hopefully sound like very manageable distances, any triathlon is an endurance event and one that you should train for using a Super Sprint triathlon training guide.

Do I Need a Super Sprint Triathlon Training Strategy?

Although the particular Super Sprint triathlon is very achievable for those with a good level of fitness, it is still a learning curve. Even if you’re a keen runner or cyclist looking to take things in order to the next level, adding two new types of exercise into your routine can be overwhelming.

Super Run Triathlon Training Plan – 8 Week

An 8 week triathlon training plan that takes you through to race day. Perfect with regard to beginner triathletes who are:

  • New to triathlon and looking to complete your first triathlon
  • Can do 3 to 5 hours training per week
  • Able to swim 100m nonstop, bike 30 mins, run 20 minutes

Triathlon workout plans can be found everywhere online but you should always make sure you’re getting them from a reputable source. That’s one associated with the reasons that we’ve partnered with Brownlee Fitness , to ensure that will beginners and athletes alike have access to premium triathlon coaching guides they can trust.

Training Plan Overview

This is an 8-week programme incorporating some of the Brownlee Brothers favourite sessions and you’ll get an insight into the structure that made them so successful. The first 4-weeks are available below . To access the remaining 4 weeks and additional advice, all in a handy format sign up for the FREE OF CHARGE plan via the link beneath.

Access the particular FREE full 8-week strategy & additional advice via Brownlee Health and fitness

Useful Terms

BC – Back Crawl / CD – Cool Down / FC – Front Crawl or MS – Main Set / R – Recovery / WU – Warm Up

Brownlee Physical fitness strongly recommends that you consult with your physician and other medical professionals before beginning any training program.

WU – 300m

> 2x (100m FC and 50m BC)

> 15-30s R

MS – 500m

> 200m / 150m / 100m / 50m

CD – 200m

WU – 15min

MS – 12min

> 6x 1min (5K Pace / RPE 6-8)

CD – 5-10min


> Continuous Aerobic

> Spin the pedals

> 35min VO2

WU – 600m

> 4x (75m FC / 25m BC)

> 4x (25m Fast / 25m Slow)

MS – 400m

> 8x (25m Hard @ RPE 8+ or 25m Easy)

CD – 200m

> 35min Tempo

WU – 15min

> RPE 4-62


> 30min Aerobic and Cross Coaching

WU – 450m

> 3x (100m FC / 50m BC)

MS – 750m

> 200m FC / 50m BC
> 200m FC / 50m Kick

CD – 100m

> 35min Hill Intervals

WU – 15min

MS – 15min

> 6x 30s Hill Reps (2-7% gradient @ RPE 7-9)

> 2min Jog L

CD – 5-10min

> 40min Time periods

WU – 15min

> Easy Spin

MS – 30min

> 2x Sets Intervals

> 10s Difficult (RPE 8-10) / 50s Easy (RPE 1-4)

> 15s Tough / 45s Easy

> 20s Hard / 40s Simple

> 25s Difficult / 35s Easy

> 10min Simple between sets

CD – 5min

> 30min Pool / Open Water

WU – 200m

> Mix FC or BC

MS – 750m

> Constant

CD – 100m

> 30min Speed (RPE 3-4)

> 45min Aerobic (RPE 3-4)

> 40min Aerobic

WU – 500m
> 3x (75m FC and 25m Alternative)

MS – 800m

> 200m FC Paddles

> 2x 150m FC Pull

> 2x 100m FC

> two times 50m Swim

CD – 100m

> 35min Periods

WU – 10min


> 2x 7min (alt. 30s Tough / 20s Easy)
> 5min Ur after 1st 7min


WU – 15min

> Spin within easy gear

> Increase gear per minute

> Finish along with 6x (15s Sprint / 30s R)

MS – 12min

> 3x (2min Hard or 2min Easy)

> Hard RPE – 8

> Easy RPE – 5

CD – 10min

> 40min Threshold

WU – 600m

> 2x (75m FC and 25m BC / 25m Kick)

> 100m (each length faster)

> 3x (25m with strong leg kick / 25m go swimming easy)

MS – 800m

> 2x (200m Threshold or 2x 100m slightly faster)

> Recover 15-25s between reps

CD – 150m

> 40min Aerobic (RPE 7-8)

> CD – 5-10min

> 10min Easy off bike

40min Cardiovascular / Cross Training

> 35min Fun Set

WU – 300m

> two times (50m FC / 50m BC)

> 2x 50m Kick


> 25m / 50m / 75m / 100m / 150m / 100m / 75m / 50m / 25m

> Blend up as you feel – paddles and pull / kick or swim


> 40min Aerobic Simple Spin and rewrite

> 20-30s optional sprints

> 20-40min

> Enjoy along with a watch

> Open Drinking water in Wetsuit

> or even Pool Go swimming

WU – 250m
> 25m Kick

MS – 550m

> 200m Swim (sighting every 10 strokes)

> 150m Good Technique

> 100m Swim (sighting every 10 strokes)

> 2x 50m Sprints

> 30s L between each

CD – 200m

> 40min Recuperation Ride

> 20min Easy

> 60min Cardiovascular

> Include cafe stop

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