Football Diet And Workout Plan By Cristiano Ronaldo – IWMBuzz

Football Diet And Workout Plan By Cristiano Ronaldo – IWMBuzz

Cristiano Ronaldo, the name in itself is a brand that doesn’t need any intro. He has so many things to share with his fans. Whether that means posting food images, workout routines, and life, the football star keeps no secret or details. Follow his way and you will be able to rock the abs like him. As for his world-famous Football skills, that might take a long time and hard work to come by.

Today we are sharing Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet and workout plan.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s diet plan

Keeping a diverse diet, Ronaldo gets down with fruit juice, fish, bread, egg, steak, and sporadic cake or chocolate. Ronaldo’s favorite dish is Bacalhau a Bras which is layers of salted cod, onion, fried potatoes, olives, and a pile of scrambled eggs. Being Portuguese, he knows how to eat.


Ronaldo’s breakfast includes whole-grain cereal, white eggs, fruit juices, coffee, cold cuts, Pastries, avocado bread, and fruits.


For lunch, Ronaldo prefers to consume fish, chicken, green vegetables, whole-wheat pasta, tuna fish with boiled eggs and tomatoes, and milkshakes.


For dinner, Cristiano Ronaldo likes to eat his favorite Portuguese dish Bacalhau a Bras. He also prefers chicken or turkey breast, watermelon, Steak, and a glass of wine. He also likes to eat cake and chocolate.

Workout plans

Being a sports player, Cristiano Ronaldo have to have a perfect fit body and health. And so he follows a strict workout routine. His workout routine alternately consists of a warm-up routine, football practices, cardiovascular activities, and weight training, it allows those calories to be used and keeps the famous athlete in perfect shape. Also, he says staying mentally fit is more important than physical fitness. Learn to train your body as well as your brain. Pair all these and eight hours of sleep and you are living a strong healthy life.

Well, these are the diet and workout routines of the Star player Cristiano Ronaldo.

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