Feeling weary? Try these ‘killer’ upper body workout routines to get a burst of energy – The Indian Express

Feeling weary? Try these ‘killer’ upper body workout routines to get a burst of energy – The Indian Express

If you are feeling particularly lazy, or are exhausted and not sure as to what kind of exercises to add to your routine, Yasmin Karachiwala has just the solution. The celebrity fitness trainer, who has trained many Bollywood A-listers, took to Instagram to demonstrate in a video how to perform upper body workouts .

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Keep in mind that these exercises are aimed at treating the muscles, bones and issues pertaining to the upper body, as is evident from the name. It can help with strengthening and posture correction , metabolism, flexibility and also cardio.

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Karachiwala begins with what is called an ‘inchworm + jump’, in which she stays on her legs and moves forward by crawling on her hands. This is followed by a jump and repeat.

Next, she demonstrates ‘crab to rotate’, for which she balances her weight on her feet — which are bent at the knee — and with her pelvis in the air and the upper body resting on one of the arms, she uses the other to twist her body to the side and then shift the weight to the other arm.

This is followed by ‘crouch to plank’, by which she crouches on her fours and then attempts a plank. Next comes ‘reverse angels’, for which she lies on her belly and with her hands and feet in the air, she motions like a bird, as if hovering in the sky.

The final one is ‘uppercut to punch’, in which Karachiwala shows some punches while squatting and rising.

“All you need is 10 mins to do this upper body workout, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced. I’ve got something for each one of you so try this workout and let me know how you feel after, ” the girl writes in the caption.

The expert adds that beginners can do a set for 30 seconds, accompanied by 30 seconds of active rest; 40 seconds plus 20 seconds of energetic rest for intermediate; and 50 seconds and 10 seconds of active rest for advanced.

Would you want to try?

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