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Hrithik Roshan is known as a national superstar and an idol for fitness enthusiasts in equal measure. The actor who is fondly dubbed as a Greek God with regard to his chiselled bod seems to have energy that jumps right off the silver screen. Today, we converse with Swapneel Hazare who has been training Roshan regarding the past few years and helping him flawlessly transition through the fitness requirements of the characters he portrays on screen.

Discussing the challenges associated with training in Bollywood, Swapneel touches upon exactly how the schedule of shoots varies and keeping up with the particular workouts during the shoot days is the most trying element. “Most difficult is making them follow a good nutrition plan and to get them to do a cardio workout, ” he grins adding that will coaching Hrithik Roshan offers been interesting as the particular foremost goal of Hrithik’s training will be to be injury plus pain free.

“His workouts are designed based on those guidelines and keeping in mind that we looking at aesthetics plus functionality as well, ” he muses giving us the deeper look at the dapper actor’s fitness routine behind the scenes.

Celebrity trainer with Hrithik

Insight into Hrithik’s current strength coaching and conditioning

“Hrithik’s schedule is fixed, as there’s a systematic approach to keep his body ready for the particular demands of his work. His routine starts associated with Mobility and Foam rolling in order to keep his body primed, which is usually followed by strength training program to develop and maintain their Greek God like entire body, ” admits Hazare.

“The evenings are reserved intended for Cardio and Fascia plus trigger point release. For any injuries, recovery is definitely taken care by using Sauna, Hyperbaric Chamber, Swimming, Massages, Game Ready, Ice Baths and Recovery boots. Nutrition in terms of good quality food and hydration along with good Sleep is given priority. ”

All about the actor’s nutritious diet

“Hrithik’s nutrition is based on his workouts and it’s modified depending upon the number of calories he burns and what phase of the periodization we are in. At the moment, High Protein Low Carb is what he is currently on. Most meals have high protein content which is like 30 gms associated with protein along with 50-70 gms veggies or salad. ”

A veggie salad

During the shoot of Vikram Vedha, chef Shubham specially curated all the meals to keep him up along with his nutrition plan and made special desserts high in proteins and low on sugar, keeping his sugar cravings at bay.

How Hrithik trained for movies like War and Vikram Vedha

“War was very hectic and difficult as he was battling injuries and severe back issues. But since then, he has been working under a strict fitness routine and a structured mobility and training plan which has helped him to improve his overall fitness. For Vikram Vedha the requirement was not very different the only challenge was he had to show 3 different age phases of Vedha’s life. So , his body was worked on those lines. Sharper and leaner, and then with little more bulk to give him the appearance we were looking for, ” affirms Swapneel.

A pool workout and selfies

“We were shooting in Abu Dhabi in intense heat and used to start early. Therefore , only time to workout was in the evening. Mornings were reserved for stretching and doing mobility work so he could function pain free through the shoot and evenings were kept for Traditional Strength Training sessions. Days when the shoots were hectic and long and we knew strength training wasn’t going to be possible, we used to do cardio post shoot. As soon as the shoot would pack up, we would change and run from the shoot site to about 5 kms where the car would wait for us. Most times, we were joined by the other members of Hrithik’s Team and most consistent was Vinod Rawat.

“The accommodation where we were staying was converted into a mini gym so that Hrithik could train anytime and we could save time on his travel and make sure he gets enough rest, ” says Hazare.

The pursuit of fitness despite injuries

“Hrithik suffers from scoliosis and slip disc in his Thoracic spine. Usually problems in his health are due to this and his past injuries. He is much better now and has kept it under control with all the hardwork we have been putting in, since the last 4 years. His aches and pains have reduced and cardio capacity has improved over the last few years, ” he explains.

“But then again, it’s a life long journey and we are working every day on it to enhance one aspect or the other, ” he signs off with a wistful smile.

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