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If you’ve ever set yourself up for a HIIT circuit in the particular gym, you’ve probably seen a piece of equipment that looks like a wheel with two handles. These workout tools are known as ab rollers, and if you’ve found yourself wondering how and why to use it, this guide was made for you.

Here, we’ve sourced a variety of ab rollers to fit every workout and every budget. After you’ve found the one that will work best for you, it’s time to get to work. So, we tapped Noam Tamir , CSCS, CEO plus founder associated with TS Fitness, to break down everything you need to know about why you should add an ab roller to your fitness arsenal, plus tips for how to get the most out of the piece of gear.

Our Picks for the Best Ab Roller

SKLZ Corewheels

SKLZ is a brand that carries a wide range of portable fitness products and this abdominal roller set is no different. Rather than having one central wheel, this particular ab roller comes in 2 parts, allowing you in order to use it with regard to more core, shoulder, torso and hip exercises. The particular lightweight primary strength trainer features rolling wheels on each side and foam handles, making this an excellent alternative for a traditional ab tool.

Buy  SKLZ CoreWheels ($45, amazon. com)

Entersports Ab Wheel Roller

Using an ab roller can be difficult, especially when you’re just starting out. The EnterSports Abdominal Roller comes with everything you need, plus tools you may use when you’re ready to level up. The wide roller helps with stability, and the foam knee pad provides a softer surface to help with any knee pain. As a bonus, the particular ab roller comes apart, making it great for small spaces or travel .

Buy  Entersports 6-in-1 Ab Tool ($27, amazon . com. com)

Vinsguir Ab Roller Wheel

If you have ever tried an stomach roller plus written it off because you found yourself teetering and unstable, this product was made for a person. With a 3. 2-inch flat wheel, the Vinsguir Stomach Roller will be wider than traditional abs rollers, offering more support and balance. Equipped with stainless steel deals with, this sturdy roller can support up to 440 pounds. This belly roller wheel also arrives with leg pads.

Buy Vinsguir Abs Roller Steering wheel ($26, amazon. com)

Rogue Ab Roller Wheel

Rogue is known for its durable fitness gear made to hold up during Crossfit workouts, and this ab wheel is no different. The particular width associated with this abdominal exercises roller combined with the rubber tread and the nickel-plated steel shaft will take your rollouts to the next level. The rubber tire tread makes this ab tool stand out in comparison to many budget plastic ab rollers you’ll find, and is a great option for more advanced athletes. This wheel is slightly rounded on the edges, which makes it a lot more challenging than a flat steering wheel to keep it in straight line during rollouts. Plus, users say this is one of the more solid, quality ab rollers they’ve used, and worth the more expensive price tag.

Buy Fake Ab Wheel ($75, roguefitness. com)

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver

Furnished with the carbon metal spring, the particular Perfect Health and fitness Ab Carver provides resistance on the roll out plus assistance on the way back to start. The return to start is the particular most hard part associated with the exercise, and in case not done properly can cause injury. The padded handles are angled, rather than straight grips you typically see on an ab roller, and are usually designed to increase the arm muscle activation. Additionally, you’ll get a 21-day exercise program, which guides you through three weeks of training to build core strength.

Buy Perfect Fitness Belly Carver ($40, amazon. com)

Priority Culture ab roller wheel

The particular Priority Culture Ab Roller has one standout feature—elbow pads. Using an ab tool requires both core and upper body strength in order to keep your own arms straight as a person have to roll out. The elbow pads on this particular roller provide support as you build strength, plus support your joints as you perform the move. This particular ab roller can assistance up to 330 pounds.

Buy  Priority Culture Abdominal exercises Roller Steering wheel ($90, amazon . com. com)

Intent Sports Ab Roller

Once you’ve mastered the particular ab tool, one way to make the move more challenging is to add level of resistance bands . This Intent Sports Ab Roller features a dual wheel and soft foam manages to support your grip. The full kit includes opposition bands, equipped with loops on each end—a larger one for your feet and a smaller loop fitted for the handles of the ab roller.

Buy Intent Sports Abdominal Roller Kit ($27, amazon. com)

King Athletic Ab Roller

Building a home gym doesn’t have to be costly. For under $15, you can obtain this dual wheel rubber ab tool that can assistance as much as 500 pounds. The particular ab roller comes with a spacer so that you can spread out the two wheels for more stability, making it a great buy regarding athletes associated with all abilities. This no-frills roller can be used on all surfaces, is usually lightweight and can be easily disassembled intended for storage and portability.

Purchase King Athletic Ab Tool ($14, amazon . com. com)

Bssay Ab Roller Wheel

If you are a beginner looking to add a new core strengthening exercise to your routine, this is the ab tool for a person. The roller boasts a 3. 7-inch width, which provides plenty of support and stability, and the non-skid rubberized surface in order to help you hit your own obliques, lower back plus hips. While sturdy, the roller is also lightweight and easy to control.

Buy Bssay Stomach Roller Wheel ($20, amazon. com)

Harrison Ab Roller

If you aren’t familiar with a good ab tool, or can’t quite execute the tricky move with proper form, a four-wheel ab roller is a great option. A four-wheel ab roller (sometimes known as an ab dolly) has a lot more surface area, which is made to make the particular move just a little easier. This model has four little wheels and sweat-proof foam handles to help a person feel stabilized throughout your workout.

Buy Harrison Ab Roller ($40, amazon . com. com)

Why Purchase an Abs Roller?

The ab roller is a challenging exercise, plus one that can be beneficial, especially if you’re seeking to build a visual six-pack, Tamir says. The movement is very focused on the rectus abdominis and may help you build ab definition. If that is one of your fitness goals, adding a good ab tool to your home fitness center setup can be beneficial.

How in order to Use an Ab Tool

Throughout the particular move, you need to ensure you have proper type otherwise a person can injure your lower back. And keep in mind, you have in order to have a pretty strong core to do the ab roller, but there are ways you may make it easier when you’re just starting out. Below, Tamir explains how to carry out the move, how to make this easier and how to make it more challenging.

Start in the tall kneeling position, along with arms and wrists below your shoulders. Hinge at the hips plus rest the roller on the floor. Moving the particular hips forward first and keeping a neutral spine, extend your own arms out in front of a person while you move forward. Engage your glutes when you roll out as far as you can with a neutral spine, then in a controlled motion, move back steering wheel toward starting position

For beginners: To regress the move while you’re building strength plus stability, start with a rollout. You’ll turns out as far as you can comfortably go with a tight core and straight back, then drop to the ground. From there, reset for your beginning position plus repeat. Other options are to use an abdominal dolly or even four-wheel stomach roller, which usually has more surface area and makes the move easier, as it allows you to perform the move on your forearms.

To make it harder: Attach the resistance band to something anchored further out in order to add resistance, so that whenever you bring the ab roller back, you have to make that movement more controlled. You can also try a standing rollout or completing a single-arm move with a split roller such as the SKLZ Core Wheels Dynamic Strength and Ab Trainer Roller or a towel or slider.

How Often Should You Use an Abdominal Roller?

The ab tool should be used sparingly in your workout plan, Tamir says. You shouldn’t use the tool more than twice the week, as it can make you pretty sore —you’ll want to ensure proper recovery between sessions. It’s also easy to injure your lower back if you aren’t doing the move right, so a person won’t want to do it if you’re too sore and unable to engage your core. And it’s not recommended to do high reps, either. Tamir suggests a max of 12 reps on days you’re using the ab roller.

What Muscles Do Stomach Rollers Work?

The abdominal roller is almost all focused upon rectus abdominis muscles—aka, the ones you typically think of as a six-pack. It also works assistance plus synergistic muscles used in order to complete the particular exercise. So you’ll be working the shoulders, triceps, glutes and lower body when you use the particular ab roller.

“It’s the very hypertrophy driven core move; you can build the belly of the muscle, ” Tamir says.

You’ll build shoulder stability plus there may be solid benefits to it, but there are also some risks associated with utilizing the stomach roller. If not done properly, a person risk injuring your lower back because of the strain and potential amount associated with pressure that may become applied there.

How Effective Are Ab Rollers?

It depends what you’re hoping to get out of the move. “If you are doing it to look good aesthetically, the particular ab roller is great. But if you want to build primary strength, there are more functional exercises you can do, ” Tamir says. “It gives great muscle definition, but will be not the most functional exercise. ”

By incorporating multi-directional movements, such as a standing rollout, bird dog rollout or single arm rollout, the movement becomes more functional. A person can furthermore look for a spring-loaded ab tool (like the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver ) to create a lot more tension.

How Many Calories Does Using an Abs Roller Burn?

As the particular ab roller is an anaerobic move, and you’ll only be doing a few reps per workout, you won’t burn many calories doing this. And keep in mind, you aren’t doing this move to burn off calories but rather to build strength, stability and muscle definition.

What to Look for in an Belly Roller

Size: When it comes to size, this will depend on your fitness and comfort with the proceed. A wider wheel will provide more stability, making the shift easier, while a skinnier wheel requires your core and shoulders to stabilize it as you roll out and in.

Cost: You can find ab rollers at a variety of price points, and while there may be advantages of spending a bit more for quality or the features a person want, you can find great budget options as well.

Shape: Whether you make use of an abs roller along with a flat or rounded wheel is up to you. A wheel that has rounded edges is going to provide less balance and require you to engage your own core plus shoulder a lot more, where one with flat edges will help to keep the particular roller upon a straight plane while you use it.

Final Thoughts

Before adding an ab roller to your routine, consider your goals. If you’re looking to build aesthetic muscle tissue, you’ll wish to add this tool to your own arsenal. Incorporating an belly roller into your routine will also help you construct shoulder stability, but you have to end up being careful you have proper form or even you’re at risk of injury.

However, in case it’s overall core strength you’re after, you can add this particular to your routine when you want but don’t count on the move alone to create a solid core. Plus, if you’re unsure how to perform the move, seek help from a licensed trainer who can show you appropriate form and help a person create a plan to incorporate it into your routine.

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