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Courtney Black cemented herself a cult-like following during lockdown when tens of thousands associated with people tuned in to her daily home workouts , but the PT also knows her stuff when it comes to fitness center workouts . Combined, you’ll find an impressive 2000+ (all filmed in real-time) on the Courtney Black Fitness App , and for the particular four out of five of you who said (in a Fitness First study) you’d missed the gym throughout lockdown but were struggling to find your feet with the endless equipment after using nothing more than a yoga mat plus pair associated with dumbbells, we’ve recruited the girl to put together a full 7-day gym workout plan.

Because we know how overwhelming all those gym machines can be, Courtney’s plan uses just a barbell , weight plates, dumbbells , the kettlebell and a bench.

Free weights like these activate more muscle mass than most machines and work your muscles harder, as they encourage you to think about the positioning plus movement of your entire body, rather compared to just one area. They also allow you to incorporate even more than one movement in each exercise, therefore activating more than one muscle, like doing a bicep curl along with dumbbells while lunging, ’ Courtney says.

‘Gym workouts are also ideal for improving your technique, since most have big mirrors on the particular walls, and you can always ask the staff for help. ’

The convenience of using free weights at the gym is also a big plus. According in order to reports , people are hitting the gym more frequently now than they were pre-pandemic, meaning you’re more likely to have to endure the dreaded machine queues. Set up your own station with Courtney’s prescribed kit plus you’re good to go.

Courtney has created three exclusive workouts for you and advises on LISS / active recovery / rest on non-workout days. The particular workouts are for all levels, with plenty of progression plus regression options available.

So , without further ado, let Courtney coach you through the next week and assist you get the most out of your gym exercises.

The schedule

Your exercise week is comprised of 3 workouts:

  • Full-body and core workout
  • Lower-body workout
  • Upper-body workout

Each exercise includes a warm-up and cool-down, and lasts just 15-20 mins each.

On non-workout days, you’ll be doing either LISS (low-intensity steady-state cardio) on a treadmill – the 30-45 minute incline walk, an active rest day – a 30-60 min outdoor walk, a treadmill sprint session (more details below) or a complete rest day .

‘I’ve structured my plan like this to ensure specific body parts are targeted within every of my workouts, then bolstering the results with treadmill machine walks, outside walks and sprints, all of which boost metabolism and fat burn, ’ Courtney says.

How in order to do home treadmill sprints:

  • 10 mins low-intensity incline stroll
  • 30 secs full-intensity sprint, 45 secs light jog x 10
courtney black gym workout plan

As mentioned, Courtney’s plan could be scaled to suit every level. Here’s how.

How to make the strategy easier

  • Double up on the particular prescribed rest periods (for example, upon workout 1, take one min sleep instead of thirty secs)
  • Take an extra sleep day (and skip the treadmill sprints)
  • Perform the particular workouts as bodyweight where necessary (these can then be done in home, for days when you are not feeling the gym)

How to make the plan harder

  • Add a resistance band around your own thighs, just above your knees, to lower body moves such as a squat, hip thrust or Romanian deadlift in order to increase intensity
  • Perform two sets of each exercise to double the length of the workout
  • Add pause and pulse reps. For example , with the goblet squat, add 2 pulses from the bottom of the lift to increase strength

Equipment you’ll need

For all free weights, choose a weight that’s challenging, but that you will be able to complete the whole workout along with. Weight plate recommendation: 5-10kg. Dumbbell recommendation: 4-8kg. Kettlebell recommendation: 6-12kg.

For workout 1:

For exercise 2:

  • 1x kettlebell
  • 1x weight plate
  • 1x set of dumbbells
  • 1x barbell (15 or 20kg, depending on availability of equipment and/or your fitness level)
  • 1x bench

With regard to workout 3:

  • 1x barbell
  • 1x along with
  • 1x pair associated with dumbbells

Optional to improve intensity: resistance music group

Workout one: Full-body plus core

The particular formula: 2-min warm-up + 1 round from the workout (45 secs on, 15 secs relax per exercise) + 2 min 30 sec cool-down.


  • Jog on spot, thirty secs
  • Walk-outs, 30 secs
  • Squat to stand, 30 secs


Perform the following exercises once through, for forty five secs, with 15 secs rest between each exercise

  • Thrusters
  • Deadlifts along with bent-over row
  • Devil press
  • Single-arm reverse lunge with shoulder push (left)
  • Single-arm reverse lunge with shoulder press (right)
  • Weight dish squat along with halos
  • Bulgarian split squat, using counter (left)
  • Bulgarian split lift, using table (right)
  • Renegade rows
  • Plank
  • Chest press in order to sit-ups
  • Leg raises
  • Single-arm thruster with windmill (left)
  • Single-arm thruster with windmill (right)


  • Lizard lunge along with rotation, thirty secs
  • Hamstring stretch (left), 30 secs
  • Hamstring stretch (right), thirty secs
  • Lower back rotation (left), 30 secs
  • Back rotator (right), thirty secs

Exercise 2: Lower-body

The formula: 2-min warm-up + 1 round associated with circuit one (1 min on, 30 secs relaxation per exercise) + 1 round of circuit two (20 secs on, 5 secs relaxation per exercise) + a few min cool-down.


  • Lizard lunge rocks, thirty secs
  • Deep squat, 30 secs
  • Squat to stand, 30 secs
  • Lateral lunges, 30 secs


Circuit one:

Perform each of the particular following workouts once via for 1 min every, with thirty secs rest between each exercise.

  • Goblet squats
  • Romanian deadlifts (barbell)
  • Dumbbell hip thrusts
  • Bulgarian split squat with heartbeat (left)
  • Bulgarian split lift with heart beat (right)
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Deficit lunge (using weight plate and dumbbells) with knee drive (alternating)
  • Lateral lunge/sumo squat combination
  • Dumbbell squat to swings
  • Dumbbell cool thrust with three pulses

Circuit 2:

Perform every of the following exercises once by means of for 20 secs each, with five secs sleep between every exercise.

  • Lift jumps
  • Jump lunges
  • Squat jumps along with heel clicks
  • Skater lunges
  • Reverse lunge with kick (left)
  • Reverse lunge with kick (right)


  • Pigeon pose, 30 secs (left)
  • Pigeon pose, 30 secs (right)
  • Lying figure four, 30 secs (left)
  • Laying figure 4, 30 secs (right)
  • Standing hamstring extend, 30 secs (left)
  • Standing up hamstring stretch out, 30 secs (right)

Workout three or more: Upper-body

The formula: 2-min warm-up + 1 circular of circuit 1 (1 min upon, 30 secs rest per exercise) + 1 round of circuit 2 (20 secs on, 5 secs rest for each exercise) + 2 minutes cool-down.


  • Arm circles, thirty secs
  • Walk-outs, 30 secs
  • Upward-facing dog to downward-facing dog, thirty secs
  • Wall ball slams, 30 secs


Circuit 1:

Perform each of the following exercises once through with regard to 1 min each, along with 30 secs rest among each workout.

  • Press-ups
  • Bicep curl in order to shoulder press (with dumbbells)
  • Barbell bent-over rows
  • Bench incline chest press with a pulse
  • Bench narrow chest push into upper body flys
  • Renegade rows with thin press-ups
  • Lateral raises along with hammer curl
  • Dumbbell bent-over rows (alternating)
  • Seated dumbbell overhead tricep extensions
  • Walk-outs with press-ups

Circuit two:

Perform each one of the following workouts once through for twenty secs each, with 5 secs rest between every exercise.

  • Burpees
  • Mountain climbers
  • Woodchops
  • Star jumps
  • Burpee mountain climbers
  • Scissor lunges with punches


  • Cobra stretch, 30 secs
  • Lower back stretch, thirty secs
  • Thread-the-needle extend, 30 secs (left)
  • Thread-the-needle stretch, 30 secs (right)

What is LISS?

On day time two, Courtney recommends LISS. This stands for low-intensity steady-state exercise, and Courtney advises a 30-45 minute incline walk on the treadmill . Choose a good incline that works for you – something that will get your heart rate up, yet won’t become so challenging that a person won’t end up being able to last the particular full duration.

Walking not for you personally? Check away our full LISS guide for other options.

What will be active relax?

Courtney has also prescribed an ‘active rest’ time on day four. She recommends a 30-60 moment outdoor walk at a ‘light intensity’. The particular idea with active rest is that, rather than taking total relaxation, you’re still encouraging blood flow to your muscles, which provides them along with oxygen plus other nutrients to assist in muscle mass repair and preventing fatigue.

Bookmark our manual on active recovery regarding more ideas on exactly how to spend your active rest times.

What exactly is HIIT?

As you probably all know, HIIT stands intended for High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT workouts are usually a proven way in order to burn fat plus boost metabolism, and it’s to get this reason that Courtney incorporates 1 within day time six associated with her plan. Here, she recommends the HIIT run session upon a treadmill. The method: 10 minutes of a low-intensity incline stroll + thirty secs full-intensity sprint, 45 secs gentle jog by 10.

What can I do as soon as I’ve finished the 7-day gym exercise plan with Courtney Dark?

‘Continue with the same structure, ’ Courtney says. ‘But try doing the workouts twice through as a form of progressive overload – the only way you’ll obtain fitter and stronger over time. Once you’re confident with gym workout routines , you could try adding or even swapping out some exercises for your own, to make sure they stay interesting, but make sure that a person replace any of the exercises along with ones that will target the same muscle groups. ’

Read our guideline on workout splits to discover why dedicating workouts to particular muscle organizations could help you.

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