Chiefs Wrap Up Offseason Workout Program with Training Camp on the Horizon Next Month –

Chiefs Wrap Up Offseason Workout Program with Training Camp on the Horizon Next Month –

Reid was asked specifically about the progress made between quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his new-look group of receivers on Thursday, prompting an answer that reflected significant growth.

“I liked what I saw. Do we still have room to grow? Absolutely, but [they’re] further ahead than I had anticipated they would be at this point,” Reid said. “I like the guys that we brought in – they have a feel for space. I always worry about that just a bit, but they did a nice job. This camp is all passing, we don’t run the ball. It gives you a bit of an idea in the passing game of what the guys are capable of [doing].”

That process goes both ways, too, as the Chiefs’ new receivers adapt to Mahomes’ unique abilities. New addition JuJu Smith-Schuster, for example, was marveling at one of Mahomes’ trademark “no-look” throws following Tuesday’s practice.

“He did the no-look pass today, and I was just like, ‘Wow.’ He even got me, and I was just on the sideline,” said Smith-Schuster, who went on to describe a no-look pass that Mahomes threw his way during the 2018 Pro Bowl. “That’s Patrick for you. That’s what I have to expect.”

It’s something that will continue to take time, and Mahomes and company don’t plan on wasting any of it. In fact, while official offseason practices have come to a close, Mahomes plans to invite his offensive playmakers to a series of informal workouts in Texas before training camp begins in late July.

“I’ll have some guys down there. Luckily enough, some of those guys already live in Texas, and we’ll be working out and throwing,” said Mahomes, who organized a similar series of practices in April prior to OTAs. “You don’t want to do too much going into training camp, but [we’re] just trying to keep everybody fresh and keep everybody working. We’ll have some dates down there, and I’m sure we’ll have some guys come through.”

One player who seemed to benefit from the first iteration of the Texas workouts was wide receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling, who consistently impressed during the Chiefs’ “First Look” practice last Wednesday – which was open to several hundred Season Ticket Members – with a handful of catches deep down the sideline.

“I think he’s done a great job of learning the offense really fast and making plays when his number has been called,” said Mahomes when asked about Valdes-Scantling. “[Early in OTAs], we had a couple of guys a little banged up, and he got a lot of reps and made a lot of plays. When you do that and the other guys come back, [I] have that confidence [now] that he can make those plays, so you saw a couple down the sideline where it was one-on-one, and I just threw it up and let him make a play and he did. That’s a good thing to see, and hopefully it carries on into training camp and into the season.”

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