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Richarlison de Andrade has proven his caliber by scoring two spectacular goals against Serbia in Brazil’s 2022 FIFA World Cup opener in Qatar on Thursday. His first goal came in the 62nd minute off a rebound from Vinicius’s low shot.

In the 73rd minute, he scored with an acrobatic scissor kick after controlling a low cross from Real Madrid winger Vinicius. That goal is already being described as one of the particular best within World Cup history .

On that note, here’s a look at his workout and diet plan

Richarlison’s Exercise routine and Diet program

Workout Routine

According to his Brazilian teammate Fred, Richarlison’s goals were a direct consequence of their intense training regimen:

“It’s the result of his training”

Initially, he built up their stamina running up and down the hilly streets of Nova Venecia as a youngster.

His fitness routine is mainly orientation around cardiovascular activity. At Tottenham, he’s becoming put through his paces, attending two-hour open training sessions immediately followed by 42 pitch-long runs.

The exercise bike is one of their preferred forms of HIIT cardio. He performs a lot of conditioning work, centered around sled pulls, weighted drags, plus explosive weight training.

As will be the case with most footballers, his weight training program is focused around lower body power and endurance . He performs a variety of plyometric exercises including box jumps , reverse lunges, burpees, push-ups, and squat jumps.

Considering his history of calf strains and knee injuries, Richarlison regularly performs strengthening exercises for these regions.

Diet regime

According to his Twitter post, Richarlison is a huge fan of chicken, rice, beans, and eggs. While not much is available online regarding his diet, their choice of favorite options suggests a high protein and moderate to high-carb diet.

He’s also a lover of pasta, which he refers to as English food. Many boisterous fans took to social media in order to light-heartedly chastise him over the gaffe. As he was brought up on Brazilian cuisine, the 25-year old celebrity initially found it difficult to consume Western food, losing almost 5 kg in the first few weeks of his arrival in Europe.

Richarlison Career Profile

Richarlison has been one the particular Selecao’s most consistent players in the last two years. He was a part of their 2019 and 2021 Copa America squads, finishing as the top scorer at the 2020 Summer Olympics last year. This individual has obtained 19 goals for Brazilian since their debut against the United States in 2018.

He began his club career with The united states Mineiro within 2014. The next year, he signed a five-year contract along with Fluminense. British Premier League side Watford took notice of the particular youngster, who offered him a chance in the big leagues.

Richarlison was transferred to Everton in a £35 million deal. There, he finished as their top goal scorer in the 2018-2019 season alongside Gylfi Sigurdsson. He repeated the feat in the next season, donning the particular No. 7 shirt.

In July this year, he moved to Premier Little league giants Tottenham Hotspur inside a £50 mil deal. With Neymar picking up an ankle injury towards Serbia, Richarlison will look to step up plus establish their place among the pantheon associated with Brazilian football greats.

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