Becoming the best version of yourself – Stabroek News

Becoming the best version of yourself – Stabroek News

In last week’s column, I touched on four steps you can take to put yourself on the path to getting your fitness and nutrition routine back on track. I spoke of setting realistic goals, making gradual changes, creating a routine and following a meal plan to help you make a comeback with your fitness and goals.

To follow up on that, now that you are back in the gym, it is time to:

Organise your workouts

It’s great to want to workout more often, but what exactly will you be doing? Following a structured workout plan ensures that you’re hitting every muscle group, and implementing progressive overload for optimal results.

Don’t get to the gym without a plan. Doing unstructured workouts will not yield measurable results. Instead, create your own workout plan, or let the experts do it for you. Designed by expert trainers, several online fitness and nutrition sites can provide you with workout plans, no matter what your goal.

Get enough rest

Sleep may be the most underrated element of a fitness routine. Getting six to eight hours of quality sleep each night is absolutely essential for optimal muscle recovery, muscle growth, hormone balance, appetite stabilization, and so much more. No matter how busy your schedule, do not sacrifice your sleep.

Use supplements

Using the right supplements can make the biggest difference on your health journey, particularly when it comes to keeping you motivated and compliant.

A leading fat burner, like Vintage Burn is more than just a shredding supplement, it has two particular ingredients, tyrosine and taurine which have mood-enhancing properties, as well as boosting focus and performance. Not only will this supplement help make you feel good, but it will improve your motivation and ability to make the most of your training sessions.

Taking daily supplements can be a useful tool to get you into a wellness routine and help give your body the extra helping hand it needs to reach your physique goals faster. 

Stay accountable 

The best way to avoid falling off track once you’ve gotten back on, is to stay accountable. Keep track of your progress, and check in with yourself to see how you are going with your fitness routine and healthy eating plan. Tell your loved ones about your goals, and let them empower you to keep on going.

Falling off track will happen from time to time – and that is ok. Be kind to yourself and simply do the best you can with the circumstances. I am here to help pick you back up and guide you through your fitness journey so that you can become the best version of you.

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