Auburn Football Coach Bryan Harsin shares his teams summer workout plan – Sports Illustrated

Auburn Football Coach Bryan Harsin shares his teams summer workout plan – Sports Illustrated

It is officially summer on the Plains, and for Auburn’s football team, that means it is time to get ready for the 2022 season. The offseason was full of controversy surrounding Coach Harsin, but all that is in the past, and it is time to focus on summer workouts and preparations for the season.  

Summer is an important part of getting ready for the season because it is time for that players to get bigger, faster, and stronger in the weight room. This will help get the team into football shape for your upcoming season.  

Coach Harsin shared his thoughts on what the summer will look like for his football team on McElroy and Cubelic in the morning.  

“It’s a continuation of what we did in the spring, so taking the max’s that they had in the spring and then using those percentages and hitting that all the way through June and July. Hitting those numbers and the foundation. But it’s a progression, too. I think one thing when we got here was really about conditioning. It was about getting ourselves in shape and body fat and doing all that.

I think our guys are in a better position that way. The summer is about speed and agility and some of our movement. The strength coaches do a great job at just looking at what our team does well and what we have to work on. You don’t lose the strength aspect of things, you have to have that. ”

Coach Harsin has a very good understanding of the strength and conditioning associated with his football team, which will help him prepare his group for the season. If your team is in better shape than the other team, it will give you a good chance to beat them around the field, and it is clear that will Harsin will have his team in great shape for the 2022 time of year.  

Harsin also shared his thoughts on something that he finds very important, which is the particular nutrition of his soccer team. Here are Coach Harsin’s thoughts on his team eating right.  

“One area that I think our players have done a much better job of plus they’re taking more serious and will continue to keep evolving is the nutrition piece. It’s so huge, you can’t outwork a bad diet. You can go out there and do whatever you want, but if you’re eating like crap it’s not going to help you. So we’re doing a good job of just trying to get everyone more aware and trying to fuel these guys the proper way. When we do that, excess fat drops, muscle goes up, they’re faster, they’re thinking better, they’re just more twitchy.

“It’s one of the things I think when you watch really good teams, and people talk about that, just a really twitchy player. It’s mentally, it’s physically, it’s all of those things to be able to move like you want to. So we’re trying to just build that as we get into August and we’ll hit the field, get these guys right schematically. We’ll make sure all the details, communication is where it needs to be, after which we’ve got to go play. And we want to play like we train. Want to perform fast, want to play strong, want to be well conditioned and more twitchy going into the season. ”

Coach Harsin is doing an outstanding job of making sure his athletes are consuming healthy and hitting the bodyweight room hard. This will lead to his team having success on the field. Often these kids are liable not to eat very healthy, and Coach Harsin is making it clear that he won’t have any of that on his football team.

Harsin has done an excellent job lifting the dark cloud off of this Auburn Football team. He and his staff are all doing a good job of the things that are important for a team in the summer, like getting in shape and recruiting. This success off the field with regard to Coach Harsin and his soccer team will hopefully result in success on the field during the 2022 season.

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