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Consistency in a new training program will typically give you the results you want, but pay attention to the particular other 23 hours of the day when you’re not working out. How you are eating, drinking, working, playing and sleeping all play a role in your journey toward achieving fitness goals.

If you are consistent with your training, congratulations. Not many people are, though, and you should consider looking into the other areas of your life that can be cleaned up to help you get the results a person want.

Before you go looking for a new program, first be patient with your current process. Here is the question from a gentleman losing patience with his approach.

Hey Stew, I have been doing a brand new workout program that includes lifting followed by short, fast cardio. My goal is to put on some muscle, but also lose body fat. My workouts feel good, but I am not really seeing results like I want in inches gained plus weight lost. I think my diet is clean and I should see at least 1-2 lbs. a week of weight loss. Do I need to adjust or do something new? Thanks, Rob

Rob, great job on finding a workout you like to do. That’s the particular biggest hurdle for most people plus you have accomplished that goal, so do not let that will go unnoticed. In my opinion, the best workout you can do for yourself is the one you do each day with consistency.

The second thing you must master is patience. With this type of workout, you can both build muscle and burn fat calories. Instead of checking the inches around your chest and biceps for growth, check the inches close to your waist for loss.

In the 1st few weeks associated with a program, you may find that you’re building muscle at the same time you’re losing body fat, resulting in a net loss of zero on the scale. Men typically will see their very first results along with inches dropped around the particular waist.

Difficult Goal

Losing fat plus building muscle is a challenge. While you need to have adequate protein intake together with your meals, you also must not really eat too much proteins while still limiting your own fats and carbs to obtain a caloric deficit at the end of each day. You may possess to do this within cycles.

Consider not being too focused on losing weight, but instead think about building muscle. Then maintain that new muscle mass with constant lifting while adding cardiovascular and reducing overall calories. It’s important to remember that maintaining muscle mass will require more protein during a time when you are aiming for an overall caloric debt.

Is Your Diet Really Clean?

A person may eat all the particular right foods, but portion control nevertheless matters. How much are you eating? You need an accurate measure of the calories in your food plus drinks if you want to know your diet is operating, versus just thinking it’s working.

If you perform not assess, you can only guess. If you are not seeing the outcomes and have been consistent with your calorie consumption burned, chances are, your problem is caused by your intake associated with calories.

Assess Yourself Consistently

Weigh plus measure yourself simultaneously on a regular basis, whether it’s daily or even weekly. I prefer to do this first thing in the particular morning before you eat or drink anything, as this is typically your lightest weight of the day.

Be consistent with your assessments, keeping them at the same time during when you perform measure. We all have the capability to be five or even more pounds heavier or lighter throughout the day, depending upon food and water intake and how much we sweat during the day.

Patience Is Key

Finally, this is a process. Instead of thinking in terms of weeks, believe months, a quarter of a year or even years. Remarkable changes can occur throughout your own journey. You can often change the particular way you feel in a matter of weeks, you are able to change the way a person look in the matter of months, and you may change your existence in a year.

Look back at last year. It might seem like a blink of the eye, yet see how far you have come since then. Now think about a year through now plus that, as well, will feel just like a blink. It’s much easier to see your true progress from that vantage point.

Stew Smith is a former Navy SEAL and fitness author certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Visit their Fitness eBook store in case you’re looking to start a workout program to create a healthy lifestyle. Send your health and fitness questions in order to [email protected] possuindo.

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