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AEW News

AEW is one of the best wrestling promotions in the world today and it has a lot to offer fans. From Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley to Kenny Omega and CM Punk, the roster is packed with some of the top talent in the world.

However, AEW is not immune to backstage drama as evidenced by a recent incident with CM Punk. After a heated backstage brawl with The Jackson brothers and AEW producer Ace Steel, Punk was suspended from the promotion.

This is a huge blow for AEW and puts President Tony Khan in a difficult position. While he had to deal with Eddie Kingston’s backstage altercation a few weeks ago, this time around it involves stars more integral to the company than the King of the Hill.

In addition to Punk, AEW’s roster also includes several other stars like MJF, The Young Bucks and a number of other high profile superstars. These superstars have all been a major part of the promotion’s success but their absence could hurt them in the long run as AEW struggles to grow its TV audience.

Despite the fact that AEW has been struggling to attract a large TV audience, they have still managed to put on some quality matches. In particular, their newest pay-per-view event All Out has been an absolute smash hit.

Aside from these successes, AEW has had its share of misses as well. This is particularly true in the women’s division where Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa have had a lot of hit and misses during their time with the organization.

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