A simple tempo workout to add to any routine – Canadian Running Magazine

A simple tempo workout to add to any routine – Canadian Running Magazine

Does the perfect running workout exist? Regardless of your end goal, most training programs involve a combination of easy runs and a mixture of speed-work, hill intervals, or longer runs (and maybe all three). Workouts will vary from runner to runner and depend on goals, but most training plans involve tempo runs of some kind.

The optimal amount of tempo work is a hotly debated topic, but we do know incorporating some form of tempo workout into your routine is beneficial. Make sure to follow any tempo run or interval session with an easy or rest day.

Here’s a tempo workout to add to almost any repertoire. David Roche, co-author (alongside his wife Megan Roche) of The Happy Runner, calls this tempo workout a good “bread and butter” addition to any running regime. Roche, a renowned athlete and coach, touts the benefits of maintaining lifelong running goals and positivity.


3-5 km easy, with drills like this warm-up demonstrated by Roche.


10 x 3 min at 10 km effort with 1 min easy recovery, running intervals as smoothly and consistently as possible.


3 km easy.

This tempo run can be done as a stand-alone, or with post-run strength exercises to finish off the legs.

A tempo pace should be challenging, but not so hard that you can’t speak. The intervals in this workout can be adjusted by upping the intensity to make a harder speed-day leg-burner, or done uphill if you’re preparing for a hilly race.

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