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“However tangible and achievable a progress goal may be, sometimes they can appear too big or reduce our satisfaction throughout the day to day, ” he says. “And satisfaction in the day to day is really what gives us happiness in life. ”

Avoid quick fixes

“September, much like January, can see an influx of fitness challenges or bootcamps that promise quick-fix, dramatic results after working out every day in an usually brief period of time, ” says Worthington. “And whilst there can be some benefit in being part of a cohort of people starting something together, unfortunately health and fitness isn’t something that allows for any shortcuts. ”

If you’ve had an exercise break over summer, then the last thing you should do is jump headfirst into an intensive challenge, because as well as not being sustainable, you’ll also become more much susceptible to injury. “When some thing isn’t sustainable and doesn’t really fit into our day-to-day lifestyle, we tend to take an all or nothing approach. If we can’t complete it for some reason, the tendency is in order to give up altogether. ”

Additionally, all five components of health and health and fitness – strength, cardiovascular physical fitness, mobility, body composition plus emotional wellbeing – respond to gradual incremental changes over time. None of them react to sudden, intensive bursts of stimulation.

Find the way to move that works for you

Consistency is the key to success, so it makes sense to find a form of exercise that you truly enjoy. “Cardiovascular exercise is a good essential a part of any workout programme, but it can take a number of forms, so if you hate the treadmill or even spin bike, then maybe you’ll enjoy a boxing or dance class, ” says Worthington. “Strength training is also a non-negotiable, but that will doesn’t have in order to mean lifting weights; kettlebells, resistance bands, suspension trainers and even our body weight can all be used and adapted to help all of us get stronger, improve hormonal health plus bone density, and retain lean tissue. ”

Don’t let perfection be the enemy of progress

There is no such thing as a perfect health and fitness programme, nor is there a perfect time to start it. “A common trap people may fall into is trying to fine-tune their program or class schedule too much before they actually start it, ” says Worthington. “Actually, the most important factor in any activity is showing up – it is far better to start plus then modify and improve as you go, than to keep putting off the begin date. ”

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