3 Quick And Effective Mini-Workout Routines For Busy People – India.com

3 Quick And Effective Mini-Workout Routines For Busy People – India.com

You might be busy building your career, but remember you must have your body and mind as healthy as possible to enjoy the kingdom built by you. Unless you stay healthy after your retirement, you can never enjoy what you have worked for all your life. There is always a saying, “Die With Memories, Not Dreams.”Also Read – Sara Ali Khan Does Burpees With a Twist, Her Intense Workout Will Inspire You

In order to create good memories throughout your life, keep up your health and fulfil all your dreams. It is difficult to keep ourselves active throughout the day despite knowing the fact that we should not be glued to our office desks and chairs. So to solve that, Vijay Thakar, a functional medicine coach suggests an ideal way to build both your career and your health with amazing mini-workouts. Take a 2 to 3 minutes break from your desk and computers, do these easy exercises, and beat the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Also Read – Do You Know These 7 Doctors Of Life? Self Help Guru Sajan Shah Explains in Viral Video

  • Take the stairs:

Set a water reminder on your phone, have a 300 to 350 ml water bottle at your desk. These two are simple but highly sustainable practices, a natural way to introduce movement in your sedentary lifestyle. Every one hour, fetch water from the highest floor of your office and remember to take the stairs every time. If your water bottle isn’t empty or you aren’t thirsty enough, at least take the stairs to meet the other team upstairs. This may sound a little unconventional, but this practice will bring some magic into your life. Also Read – Justin Bieber Gets Facial Paralysis Because of ‘Ramsay Hunt Syndrome’ – All About This Rare Condition, Symptoms, Treatment

With work from home becoming very common around the globe, you can have your workout mat spread on the floor beside your desk. Whenever you get some time, just get there and do 5 to 10 pushups, and get back to work. It will take less than a minute for you to perform those 10 pushups, but regular practice will definitely give your health a boost.

  • Jumping jacks:

Jumping jacks is another amazing full-body workout that needs no equipment and is completely beginner-friendly. You can do a minimum of 30 jumping jacks to engage all your muscles, awaken your body during your office time. You can even club the previous pushups and jumping jacks into a burpee workout, and feel the burn in just 10 to 15 burpees.

If you doubt that these mini-workouts throughout the day can be as effective as hitting the gym for hours, then here is a small fact check for you. Research shows that when you stay active throughout the day with micro and mini workouts, you get a metabolism boost, burn more calories, and improve your productivity at work by staying away from distracting videos, texts, and notifications from social media. Thus, there’s no time to rethink whether to adopt these workouts in your daily routine or not. Get started right away!

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