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People ride for various reasons, but most cyclists would agree that pushing the pedals brings joy and freedom , as well as challenges and a sense of accomplishment like no other sport. That’s why you probably prefer spending hours in the saddle, rather than in the particular weight room or clocking miles in running shoes . However , if you want to keep riding strong and injury-free , cross training provides that armor.

What is cross training? Well, it basically means doing other forms of exercise to better support your primary sport—in this case, cycling. To help you figure out your favorite method to cross training, as well as encourage you to stick to a consistent routine to support your own rides, Bicycling created a 28-day workout challenge. The challenge mixes strength training , new cardio workouts, high-intensity interval training (better known as HIIT), and mobility moves.

“Cycling by nature is a repetitive sports activity and this forces us to go within one direction, ” Jen Kates, C. P. T., founder associated with Shift Human Performance tells Bicycling . “We need to be able in order to put the body through different ranges of motion, though, and to problem us beyond what we’re doing in our sport. This helps make the entire body more resilient, reduces overuse injuries , and assists you get stronger on the bike . ”

A good cross-training plan and workout challenge will have you moving in multiple planes of motion (think: rotational work plus side-to-side moves, as compared to the front-to-back work of cycling). It will also include strength workouts that incorporate major movement patterns like the squat , hinge , lunge , push, and pull. It will also target your core stability —a must-have for cyclists to maintain solid posture on the particular bike, Kates says. You’ll find all of these elements in this strategy.

And don’t forget fun! This 28-day cross-training challenge also helps you can tap into the enjoyment factor every week. This is necessary to sidestep burnout on the particular bike plus in our workouts in general, Kates adds.

A 28-Day Workout Challenge to Kick Up Your Cross Training

Below you’ll find your own complete 28-day workout challenge. Download the PDF and you’ll find links in order to each exercise, so all you have to do each day is follow the program provided.

The format is similar each week: On Mondays, you will target your entire body with a strength workout . On Tuesdays, you’ll find suggestions for cardio exercises, but you also have the particular freedom to choose any heart-pumping activity you enjoy or have always wanted to try (that is, besides cycling). You’ll then train your lower body on Wednesdays, your upper body on Thursdays, and do a core-specific routine upon Fridays. Saturdays are for a burst associated with HIIT. Finally, you have active recovery via yoga or flexibility work on Sundays.

None of these types of workouts should take longer than 30 minutes, so you can easily pair them with an outdoor ride or some time on your trainer . By the end of the 28 days, you should feel stronger, more resilient, plus confident—both upon your bike and within the other cross-training activities in the problem. To up that fun level, feel free to pump upward the jams as you move, or grab a friend in order to join a person in this 28-day exercise challenge.

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